Walk, Not Stay: a short story

Walk, Not Stay: a short story
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Genre: Short Story
Publisher: Hot Water Press
Length: short story

He met a wheelchair-bound woman in a college town pool hall. She zeroed in on him...

...and he spent three glorious nights with her. But then something clunked into place. Something strange and unexpected.

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About the Book

Samuel Langhorne Serles lived up to his name by being curious about everything to the point that he never developed a direction to his life. He loved the philosophical realms of science and math, but he loved solo backpacking along the Rocky Mountain spine even more.

Then he met a wheelchair-bound woman in a college town pool hall. She zeroed in on him, and he spent three glorious nights with her.

But then on the morning of the third day, things went south, as all good physical relationships do. Rather than leave, as he’d always done before, he couldn’t make himself go.

He couldn’t allow himself to stay with her. Wouldn’t be tied down to any woman, much less a wheelchair. But still, he couldn’t leave ….

Includes an excerpt from “Anasazi Runner: a novel of identity and speed,” by Jeff Posey.

From the Author

How does a daydreamer come to feel and recognize love? It’s a topic that haunts every boy/man, and can be especially painful for shy, introverted lonely boys who content themselves with solo backpacking and studying science to the exclusion of all. Yeah, I can identify. Back before the proliferation of computers and the Internet, science (and science-fiction) books were the refuge of the socially inept. In the year 2036, it will be no different, though physical books will not likely play as big a role.Note the interlacing of story going on here. The science teacher at Pagosa High is Tucker Roth, the main character in Girl on a Rock.The main character in this story is Samuel Langhorne Serles, ancestor of Richard Langhorne Serles, the main character in The Pump Jack Potion, which is set in the year 2349.

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