Unwoven: six short stories

Unwoven: six short stories
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Genres: Short Story, Short Story Collection

A sixpack of short stories...

...each with an Anasazi twist.

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About the Book

This sixpack of short stories includes these titles:

1. “Girl on a Rock”: A disfigured girl who hides in the wilderness near Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

2. “The One-Hundredth Goliath”: A talented sculptor carves a giant Goliath to rival Michelangelo’s original David.

3. “The Pump Jack Potion”: An old prospector searches for the miracles of liquid gold.

4. “An Invisible Man”: A peeping-tom stalks a woman and her daughter, but only the daughter realizes it.

5. “Arturo’s Brains”: An artist creates the ultimate work of art that gets the mind of man on canvas.

6. “Walk, Not Stay”: A backpacker who has walked away from everything he’s ever loved finds he cannot leave the woman he’s with.

Excerpt from The G.O.D. Journal: a search for gold, by Jeff Posey.

The title, Unwoven, refers to each of these stories providing strands for my latest work, tentatively titled “Annie and the Second Anasazi,” due out by the end of 2012.

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