The Pump Jack Potion: a short story

The Pump Jack Potion: a short story
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Genre: Short Story
Publisher: Hot Water Press
Length: short story

What will petroleum be worth after we use up the easy reserves?

A lot.

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About the Book

It’s the year 2349 and American society has remade itself to run off of sustainable energy. But they’ve also found that crude oil contains something so magical and useful it’s one of the most valuable substances on the planet.

This is the story of a petroleum prospector of the future, wandering the San Juan Basin in northwestern New Mexico, the stomping grounds of the First Anasazi 1,300 years earlier, as well as the immigrants who flocked there after the first collapse in 2054 to establish a Second Anasazi colony — these were the ancestors of petroleum prospector Richard Langhorne Serles.

From the Author

My father spent his professional life as a research chemist, much of it investigating various properties of organic chemicals derived from petroleum. He often wondered what miraculous characteristics future generations of scientists would discover in the complex and mysterious long-chain carbon molecules brewed over geologic time into raw crude oil.I also spent the first five years of my professional life as a petroleum exploration geologist, and I came to appreciate the astounding abundance of oil and natural gas at the same time I realized its irreplaceable nature.It’s impossible to accurately predict what the miraculous characteristics future generations may discover about the remnants of crude oil we leave behind, of course. But there is little doubt in my father’s mind, or in mine, that future generations will bemoan that we mostly just burned the wonderful stuff.

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