Price on Their Heads: A Novel of Income Inequality and Mayhem

Price on Their Heads: A Novel of Income Inequality and Mayhem
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Genres: Contemporary, Thriller
Tag: Pagosa Springs
Publisher: Hot Water Press
ASIN: 1499233043
ISBN: 9781499233049
When Nobel Prize-winning Dr. Jackie Key is poised to publish a report on the astronomically high economic price on the heads of the richest of the rich—the price we all pay to support an economy skewed to the upper 0.01%—reporter Maura Booker interviews him for a major news story, but before they get the word out, the ultra-rich and their government come after them….
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About the Book

Warning! This story contains impolite language, graphic violence, a little sex, and is very politically incorrect.

Jackie Key inherits a full scholarship from a rich man murdered by his brother. To justify his complicity, he studies the economic ripple effect of the dead man’s assets.

What he discovers and tries to publish makes him become public enemy number one among the country’s rich and powerful because Dr. Jackie Key can calculate a true price on their heads.

From Jeff Posey, author of The G.O.D. Journal, comes a twisting and turning contemporary political thriller that exposes the cruelly tilted playing field of American economics and politics.

Join Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Jackie Key and reporter Maura Booker as the heavy-handed government and ultra-rich drive them into the grasp of Jackie’s brother, Jimmy, head of a team of assassins targeting Jackie’s list of the “too rich to exist.”

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