Girl on a Rock: a short story

Girl on a Rock: a short story
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Genre: Short Story
Tag: Pagosa Springs
Publisher: Hot Water Press

A disfigured girl hides in the wilderness near Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

At least she thought she was hiding.

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About the Book

When Anasazi archaeologist Tucker Roth found a pretty girl in pink sitting on a rock in the wilderness north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, he couldn’t help but worry. Such strange behavior sent a chill up his spine.

The girl, Marissa, said she wanted to hide. To sneak. To not be seen. When she finally climbed down and he saw her, he understood why.

Worse than her physical damage was an abusive, lying father, and a social system that couldn’t help a girl like Marissa.

Then her mother arrived. From prison. The mother Marissa had said was dead.

Even worse, the lying father sneaked back to clean up his own mess.

In the end, a Ute elder allowed a ceremony to be performed on the biggest rock around that would heal the wounds as much as they could be healed.

“Girl on a Rock” is a single short story that will take average readers less than a half-hour to read.

From the Author

Notice the scene of the Charles’ house burning. That same night, another house burned, too, in my my novel, The G.O.D. Journal. And, of course, note the reference to Anasazi Runner, my novel about a man who runs the first sub-two-hour marathon in history. I love weaving all my stories together in all sorts of ways, even some of which I may not be aware.
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