Carl’s Hat Wins Marathon: a short story

Carl’s Hat Wins Marathon: a short story
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Genre: Short Story
Publisher: Hot Water Press
Length: short story

At age ninety-two...

...the last surviving player from Super Bowl XXI in 1987, Carl decides to win the New York Marathon or die trying.

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About the Book

At age ninety-two, the last surviving player from Super Bowl XXI in 1987, Carl decides to win the New York Marathon or die trying.

And that’s exactly what he does. In front of the world’s cameras, he crashes to the ground, finished. But his hat doesn’t stay finished. Runner after runner picks it up and relays it to the front-runners, where a battle of epic proportion ensues to get Carl’s hat across the finish line first.

It’s a tale that will warm your heart while it hurts your knees and rips out your lungs. But it proves that, even in a future largely devoid of honor, it still remains among the world-class elite runners who do the impossible every time they take the field.

Includes an excerpt from “Anasazi Runner: a novel of identity and speed,” by Jeff Posey.

From the Author

Running fascinates me. It can be a metaphor for almost anything.Do I really think a ninety-year-old with high-tech knee replacements can actually compete in a world-class marathon? Nope.But I do believe the human body, fired by desire that transcends the limits of physical ability, can do unimaginable things. Such as giving a final death-rattle lurch to the forefront of a marathon, only to crash and die in a heap. Or relay a hat to the front of the field.I’m also struck by honor on the field of sports, most commonly seen in such venues as the Tour de France bicycle race of years past when the whole field would slow if the leader had, for example, a chain come off or needed a bio break.  We seem to see less and less of it these days, but among those who compete at the top of their game there is a sense of respect and honor that few of us can understand or recognize.

Besides. It’s kind of cool for a hat to win a marathon.

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